Adjunct Faculty

In an effort to establish a peer group within the NIMHD/DIR and promote interactions throughout the Institute, the Office of the Scientific Director implemented an initiative to expand the senior research faculty of DIR through the use of an adjunct investigator appointment mechanism. Adjunct investigators are independent tenured, tenured-track, or assistant-clinical investigators who have their primary appointments in other ICs, but will be supported by NIMHD/DIR with supplemental resources.

The adjunct faculty of the NIMHD/DIR includes three tenured investigators, two tenure-track Stadtman investigators, and one senior level assistant clinical investigator. A brief description of the adjunct faculty is provided below:

  • Fasil Tekola Ayele, M.P.H., Ph.D. is an Earl Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigator, jointly supported by NIMHD and NICHD/DIPHR/DIR. He was recently appointed as an Adjunct Investigator/Postdoctoral IRTA fellow to the NIMHD/DIR. Dr. Tekola's research interests are in the area of genetic and chronic disease (i.e., diabetes and cardiovascular) epidemiology, the early origins of health disparity and population health; more globally. Dr. Tekola received his Ph.D. in Genetic Epidemiology from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Universities of Brighton and Sussex, UK in 2010.

  • Chandra Jackson, Ph.D. M.S. is an Earl Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigator, jointly supported by NIMHD and NIEHS. She was recently appointed as an Adjunct Investigator to the NIMHD/DIR. Dr. Jackson's research interests are dietary and lifestyle factors (e.g. sleep) as major, modifiable contributors to racial/ethnic and socioeconomic health disparities in chronic diseases related to the cardiovascular system. Dr. Jackson received her Ph.D. in Epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins University in 2012.

  • Anne Sumner, M.D. is a Senior Investigator and Chief, Section on Ethnicity and Health, Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Obesity Branch, NIDDK. She was appointed as an Adjunct Investigator for the NIMHD/DIR in 2015. Her research interests include design of screening tests and early interventions to decrease the impact of the diabetes and heart disease epidemic that is now occurring in populations of African descent worldwide.

  • Michele Evans, M.D. is the Deputy Scientific Director, Senior Investigator and Chief, Disparities Research Section, Laboratory of Epidemiology and Population Sciences, NIA. She was appointed as an Adjunct Investigator to the NIMHD/DIR in 2016. Dr. Evans's research interests include investigating the role of oxidative stress in populations at risk for health disparities, with interest in studying damage-associated molecular pattern (DAMPS). In addition, her work explores the role of circulating mitochondrial DNA in the inflammatory state, aging, and health disparities associated conditions.

  • Tiffany Powell-Wiley, M.D., M.P.H. is an Assistant Clinical Investigator, Social Determinants of Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk, NHLBI. She was appointed as an Adjunct Investigator for the NIMHD/DIR 2016. She is now a Stadtman Fellow. Dr. Powell-Wiley's research interests include investigating the social determinants of obesity and obesity-related cardiovascular risk factors that contribute to racial and ethnic disparities in cardiovascular disease. Also, exploring the relationship between neighborhood environment and the development of obesity to improve the design of an intervention targeting obesity and CV risk.

2017 Publications from NIMHD Adjunct Faculty

  • Jackson CL. Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Disordered Sleep and Obesity. Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation. (in press)

  • Jackson CL. Book Review for Wild Nights: How Taming Sleep Created Our Restless World. Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation. 3 (2017) 75-76 [PMID: TBD]

  • Baumert BO, Carnes MU, Jackson CL, Sandler D, London SJ. Pesticide Exposure and Sleep Apnea in the Agricultural Lung Health Study. Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation. (in press)

  • Jackson CL, Patel S, Jackson B, Lutsey P, Redline S (2017, September) Agreement Between Self-Reported and Objectively-Measured Sleep Duration among White, Black, Hispanic, and Chinese Adults in the United States. (under review)

  • McWhorter K, Bowers K, Dolan L, Deka R, Jackson CL, Khoury JC. The Impact of Gestational Weight Gain and Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index on the Prevalence of Large-for-Gestational Age Infants in Two Cohorts of Women with Type 1 Insulin-Dependent Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Population Study. (under review)

  • Trinh M, Agénor M, Austin SB, Jackson CL. Health and Healthcare Disparities among US Men and Women at the Intersection of Sexual Orientation and Race/Ethnicity (under review)

  • Carroll R, Lawson AB, Jackson CL, Zhao S. Spatial assessment of breast cancer-specific mortality using Louisiana SEER data. (revisions)

  • Lee S, Mogle JA, Jackson CL, Buxton OM. Perceived Inequality at Work Impairs Sleep over Time Through Negative Spillover. (under review)

  • Powell-Wiley TM, Moore K, Block R, Evenson KR, Mujahid M, Diez Roux AV, Associations of Neighborhood Crime and Safety and With Changes in Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Am J Epidemiol. 2017 Aug 1;186(3):280-288. doi: 10.1093/aje/kwx082. PMID 28472256

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2016 Publications from NIMHD Adjunct Faculty

  • Thomas S, Yingling L, Adu-Brimpong J, Mitchell V, Ayers CR, Wallen GR, Peters-Lawrence M, Brooks AT, Sampson DM, Wiley KL Jr, Saygbe J, Henry J, Johnson A, Graham A, Graham L, Powell-Wiley TM. Mobile Health Technology Can Objectively Capture Physical Activity (PA) Targets Among African-American Women Within Resource-Limited Communities-the Washington, D.C. Cardiovascular Health and Needs Assessment. J Racial Ethn Health Disparities. 2016 Dec 2. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID:27913983

  • Sumner AE, Duong, MT, Bingham, BA, Aldana PC, Ricks, M, Mabundo, LS, Tulloch-Reid, MK, Chung ST, Sacks, DB, Glycated Albumin Identifies Prediabetes not Detected by HbA1c: The Africans in America Study, Clin Chem. 2016 Nov;62(11):1524-1532.

  • Bingham, BA, Duong, MT, Ricks, M, Mabundo, LS, Baker Jr. RL, Utumatwishima, JN, Udahogora, M, Berrigan, D, Sumner, AE, The Association between Stress Measured by Allostatic Load Score and Physiologic Dysregulation in African Immigrants: The Africans in America Study Front Public Health. 2016 Nov 25;4:265.