NIH Conferences and Scientific Meetings

Program Description

NIH recognizes the value of supporting scientific conferences that are relevant to its scientific mission and to the public's health. A scientific conference is a gathering, symposium, seminar, scientific meeting, workshop, or any other organized, formal meeting where people assemble to coordinate, exchange, and disseminate information or to explore or clarify a defined subject, problem, or area of knowledge


Each NIH Institute and Center has a scientific purview and different program goals and initiatives that evolve over time. NIMHD supports high-quality scientific conferences and meetings designed to increase knowledge, disseminate information, and raise awareness of the differences in the incidence, prevalence, mortality, and burden of diseases and other adverse health conditions that exist among specific population groups.


  • Support opportunities for investigators interested in minority health and health disparities to meet with the intention to share ideas and collaborate on projects
  • Provide platforms to present health disparities research advances


Eligible organizations include academic institutions, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, faith-based or community-based organizations, and federal, state, and American Indian tribal governments.

Foreign organizations are not eligible.