Future Plans

Progress will be monitored annually by tracking NIH’s progress toward the set goals and the targets under Starting Line and Building Momentum. This process will assess progress, monitor budgets, andprovide feedback to NIH on the implementation process (see Graph 2).

  • Promote the implementation of goals, strategies, and priorities.
  • Create a system to track and monitor progress toward achieving the goals, strategies, and priorities.

Graph 2: Strategic Plan Monitoring and Tracking

strategic plan figure

Evaluation Plan

  • Evaluate strategic plan through qualitative and quantitative metrics without overly prescriptive endpoints.
  • Measure utility of strategic plan to multiple stakeholders.
  • Measure impact by co-sponsored Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs, changes in portfolio, project self-evaluations, and others.
  • Gap analysis based on NIH’s ICs responses to priority area requests.

Page updated March 30, 2021