Staff Directory

NIMHD’s offices and divisions support the Institute’s mission to lead scientific research to improve minority health and reduce health disparities. Learn more about NIMHD’s expertise by clicking on staff members below.

Office of the Director (OD):

  • Kelli Carrington — Director of Communications
  • Whitney Anderson
  • Edgar Dews
  • Rebecca Newton
  • Shelly Pollard
  • Wesley Thorn
  • Dr. Deborah Duran — Chief, OSPLSP
  • Dr. Patrice Armstrong
  • Dr. Nancy Breen
  • Dr. Carole Christian
  • Dr. Genevieve deAlmeida
  • Dr. Tilda Farhat
  • Tommy Moehlman
  • Tammy Reddick
  • Kester Williams
  • Dr. Barbara Wojciechowski
  • Kimberly Allen — Executive Officer
  • Sharita Brown
  • Starsky Cheng
  • Floyd Crawford
  • Ranae Harris
  • Jeanne Jones
  • Carlene Neil-Allman
  • Stephanie Nisson
  • Brenda Parker
  • Kenneth Sonnenberg
  • Matthew Wise
  • Sophary Wong

DSP, Office of Research Training and Capacity Building (ORTCB):

DSP, Office of Research Innovation and Program Coordination (ORIPC):