HDPulse — An Ecosystem of Minority Health and Health Disparities Resources

HDPulse, NIMHD's new online resource, consists of two easy-to-use portals: the Data Portal and, coming soon, the Intervention Portal. The Data Portal will facilitate identifying, tracking, and studying issues related to health disparities. The Intervention Portal will offer evidence-based interventions to improve minority health and reduce health disparities.

About the Data Portal

Purpose: Provide a tool to characterize health disparities to motivate action to reduce health disparities. Interactive graphics and maps provide visual support for deciding where to focus public health disparities control efforts.

The Data Portal offers quick, easy access to descriptive statistics, interactive graphics, and maps that present health disparities in the nation, states and counties. With easy navigation and a mobile-friendly interface that offers several ways to view and download health disparity data, the portal will provide opportunities to explore health disparity topics such as screening and risk factors, socio-demographics, and mortality — with more to come!

The Data Portal will provide the evidence needed to take action to reduce health disparities. Visit the Data Portal.

About the Intervention Portal

Purpose: Provide easy access to interventions that have successfully reduced health disparities, along with related publications, products and materials. Coming soon! Visit the HDPulse home page.

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HDPulse An Ecosystem of Minority Health and Health Disparities Resources. Explore the Data Portal

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