2018 News Mentions

December 11, 2018: HSC News

Minority health disparities underlined at Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer series.

During the 2018 Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer Series at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Pérez-Stable discussed minority engagement with the health care community, and explained how the health statistics and issues for many minority groups have been under-investigated.

September 29, 2018: USA Today

Understanding your Latin heritage can improve your health

Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable: The diversity of this expanding group presents researchers with the opportunity to study health disparities in Latinos from all backgrounds, with the goal of understanding why their life expectancies are longer and develop approaches to preserve this trend.

September 25, 2018: U.S. News & World Report

The Relationship of Race to Community Health

A decade and a half ago, a landmark study explored how racial and ethnic minorities face disparities in health care quality, even after accounting for socioeconomic differences.

August 2, 2018: Tennessee Tribune

10K Black Men Sought for Study on Prostate Cancer

This study, which is combining state-of-the-art molecular approaches with social and environmental science, will help unravel the complex interactions of biological, behavioral, and environmental factors that contribute to excess prostate cancer burden and poorer outcomes in African-American men, allowing development of tailored approaches for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in this population.

June 27, 2018: SHPT Blog

Communicating the Value of Race and Ethnicity in Research

Dr. Pérez-Stable authored a blog post for the Science, Health, and Public Trust section of the NIH website. He communicates the importance of including minorities in research.

Spring 2018: Diversity and Inclusion at HHS

A Look at Key Factors in Minority Health and Health Disparities Research

Dr. Pérez-Stable authored an article for the HHS Spring 2018 newsletter, which outlines NIMHD’s commitment to the health concerns of minority health and populations experiencing health disparities - on page 9.

March 26, 2018: MedPage Today

Minorities Not Visible in Clinical Trials, Medical Schools Much is misunderstood about Latino health, says NIH official

Dr. Pérez-Stable addressed an audience of physicians, researchers and leaders at the 22nd Annual Conference, “Conquistando el Futuro: Clinicians Leading Latino Health Care,” hosted by the National Hispanic Medical Association.

February 22, 2018: Spectrum News, Austin

Cancer Rates Continue to Climb in Latino Population

Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable addresses attendees of the inaugural Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos conference in San Antonio, discussing the varied backgrounds of Latinos and the differences between the various Latino national origin groups, which can help determine ways to decrease the risk for developing cancer.

January 17, 2018: NBC 29 WVIR-TV

Healthcare Leaders Hold Discussion on Closing Racial Disparities

Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable led Thursday's discussion at the Jefferson School African-American Heritage Center speaking about the importance of working towards equity and inclusion in the healthcare field.

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