PhenX Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Assessments Collection

Access the PhenX Toolkit

The PhenX Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Assessments Collection, available in the PhenX Toolkit, contains 19 new protocols that expand on the previous SDOH collection to help measure upstream factors that shape behaviors and health outcomes. This collection provides a common currency for studying SDOH across public health research studies.

Researchers are encouraged to use this collection to examine the role of SDOH and the factors related to health inequities and enable effective interventions to reduce health disparities.

About the Collection

The SDOH assessments collection enables and encourages researchers to develop, disseminate, and use standard data collection measures. Through this collection, researchers have access to protocols that will support research addressing structural SDOH. Structural determinants measure upstream socioeconomic factors like poverty, labor forces, and neighborhood segregation that can influence health outcomes.

Protocol Collection Features

Widespread adoption of the new collection of standard measures of SDOH assessment in behavioral, clinical, and translational research will facilitate:

  • The aggregation of information from different studies over time, expanding the scope of research and collaboration among researchers.
  • The ability to validate study findings by replicating data and aiding in comparisons.
  • The capability to combine study samples which can provide greater statistical power.
  • The ability to conduct cross-study analysis to increase the impact of individual studies.

About the PhenX Toolkit

The PhenX Toolkit (consensus measures for Phenotypes and eXposures) provides recommended standard data collection protocols for conducting biomedical research.

The protocols are selected by working groups of domain experts using a consensus process, which includes the scientific community.

The Toolkit provides detailed protocols for collecting data and tools to help investigators incorporate these protocols into their studies. Using protocols from the PhenX Toolkit facilitates cross-study analysis, potentially increasing the scientific impact of individual studies.

Page updated March 17, 2022