NIMHD Clinical and Health Services Research Feature Articles

Read about several NIMHD-funded research projects on clinical and health services for diverse minority and health disparity populations.

NIH on Minority Health and Health Disparities

Managing Stress to Control Blood Sugar: Researchers Test Intervention for Latinos with Type 2 Diabetes

Mental health problems can make people with diabetes sicker. Countless studies have shown that depression raises the risk of all sorts of bad outcomes in diabetes—from foot numbness to premature death. A new study supported by NIMHD found that stress management classes given by community health workers helped low-income Latino people with diabetes feel better, with fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Smartphone screenshots of a mobile internet directly observed therapy application

Teaming Up to Improve Access to Kidney Transplants for Dialysis Patients

Patients with kidney failure have two options to stay alive: a kidney transplant or lifelong dialysis. With dialysis, people spend hours hooked up to a machine that cleans their blood, which needs to be done several times a week. Most people do much better and live longer if they get a transplant—and it’s more cost-effective.

Smartphone screenshots of a mobile internet directly observed therapy application

Company Tests Mobile Health for Tuberculosis Treatment

The day after emocha® Mobile Health, Inc., launched in 2013, CEO Sebastian Seiguer heard about a 3-year-old tuberculosis (TB) patient being treated at a Baltimore clinic. Maryland requires healthcare providers to watch patients take every dose of their medication for active TB treatment, an approach known as directly observed therapy (DOT).

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